Anti-Trust Statement

The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (“NAPED”) intends to operate in compliance with the antitrust laws of the United States and, as applicable, the antitrust laws of the states within the United States and the antitrust / competition laws of other countries (generally, “Antitrust Laws”). The Antitrust Laws are intended to preserve and promote free, fair and open competition.  This competition benefits consumers and companies that are innovative and efficient. A violation of the Antitrust Laws can have serious consequences for NAPED and member companies.  Accordingly, NAPED hereby issues the following guidelines for itself and its members, as guidance in connection with participation in NAPED activities. The activities of NAPED are not intended to restrain competition or to harm consumers. The purpose of NAPED is to bring businesses and business people in the law enforcement supply industry together to promote business, exchange ideas and to take advantage of the vast amount of experience and information that we can all derive from and share with each other.