Our Benefits
The primary goal of NAPED is to help its Members expand their markets and increase their profitability. To that end, membership in NAPED offers the following benefits.

Whether your business is large or small, local or international, when you join NAPED, you become part of the NAPED family - a family that shares and cares. After all, the ability of the Association's Members to lawfully work together and help each other has become a hallmark of the organization.

No business can operate effectively in today's highly competitive marketplace without being well informed on the latest industry trends. That's why NAPED provides its Members with information on a variety of different topics including customer trends, new products and technologies, and of course, business and political issues effecting our Industry. NAPED publishes semi-annual electronic newsletters and timely industry related broadcast email communications, all aimed at providing our Members with the information they need to help plan their business futures.

The Law Enforcement Industry is a "people business." Accordingly, NAPED conducts two general meetings each year, which offer Members numerous opportunities to network with nationwide industry peers . In fact, the NAPED Annual General Meeting and Trade Conference is considered the primary gathering point for this kind of personal interaction in our industry.

NAPED provides professional guest speakers at each of its general meetings. Our members benefit from hearing
nationally recognized experts present a variety of relevant industry and business related topics.

Business Resource Family Companies
NAPED provides members access to business services and financial planning consulting firms that can assist our members in meeting the demands of an ever changing business environment.

Collective Buying Power
The NAPED General Members represent in excess of $800M in law enforcement equipment sales annually. That kind of collective buying power always attracts the best deals.

Recognition & Credibility

Association involvement is a sign of professionalism and credibility; customers and associates will notice when you display the NAPED logo. Of course, it won't make sales all by itself, but it will tell everyone that you subscribe to a set of commendable business principles. This reputation of credibility will serve you as you continue to grow your business.

Code of Conduct
The National Association of Police Equipment Distributors members recognize that the products and services they provide have a significant impact on the quality of life for the entire public. Their customers in the Law Enforcement and Security communities protect the public's safety and property. The membership's goal is to provide the tools and services that allow these brave men and women to do their job as safely as possible. NAPED members strive to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, competence, integrity, and customer service. Accordingly, they adhere to the NAPED Code of Conduct.

Annual General Meeting & Conference
NAPED presents a conference and trade show every spring where General Members can spend personal time with key, decision making personnel from leading law enforcement product manufacturing companies. The conference also offers the opportunity to socialize and build long term positive relationships with manufacturers and fellow members. Click Here for more information about upcoming events.